The Unabauer Manifesto

Roy Bauer is South County colleges' professor of dissent

Reaching into a gray, portable filing box at his feet and pulling out Sampson's letter, Bauer conceded the ordeal has rattled him. "The chancellor's letter is obviously a serious thing," he said. "It made me spend a few days wondering if what I was doing was right. I came to the realization that, insofar as I'm a part of this battle, I'm fighting for decency and honest government."

Whatever happens, Bauer is not ready to simply walk away from the fight and retreat into his classroom.

"To me, it's just a matter of principle. That union leadership should not be in charge," he said. "And those unprincipled people should not be the trustees of this district. And the equally unprincipled Raghu Mathur should not be the president of Irvine Valley College. I will not stop until those matters are corrected."

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