To Commie Girl: I know nothing about YAF, but please keep in mind that not all conservatives are vapid, knee-jerk, born-again types. Some are multilingual, cry during Life Is Beautiful and like to get on a dance floor.

-Scott C. Uehlinger, Wading River, New York

There is a disturbing scarcity of Rebecca Schoenkopf in your March 19 edition. I hope this isn't the start of a trend! Schoenkopf's pieces add humor and insight to topics that in lesser hands are merely glorified directory listings. And her club and event reviews tell us things we actually want to know-like what kinds of people we're likely to meet at these places. And then there are her delightful, uh, "adventures with guys," a refreshing change from the more commonplace "adventures with gals" (as told by that guy-what's his name?-and that other guy at that LA paper, and that other guy at that New York paper . . .). Furthermore-and perhaps most important to the Weekly's ostensible mission-Schoenkopf lets us know what at least one other Generation X progressive feminist is thinking and doing at a time when the corporate media keep trying to convince us that we don't exist.

The next time you get one of those canned letters railing (with remarkable similarity to the latest rant by Rush, Dr. Laura, James Dobson or the like) against "political correctness" by Schoenkopf or by any of your other fine writers, ask yourselves this: If such views are "politically correct," why are they found in almost no publication but yours? Doesn't "political correctness" imply unanimity? (Yes, of course it's a bogus concept; I wonder who invented it-NOT!)

Keep up the good work, OC Weekly; keep doing your job and not that of the OC Fishwrapper. Continue to bring us such unique correspondents as Rebecca Schoenkopf.

-Susan Gross, Huntington Beach


I'm the environmental wacko-subsequently chastised by Laguna Beach officials-whom Matt Coker referred to in regard to time schedules as well as funding problems with the "cleanup" of Aliso Creek (A Clockwork Orange, March 26). I kind of got out there ŗ la an Elmer Gantry-style fire-and-brimstone, Bible-beating tirade.

Local officials have a Jaws mentality. They believe Aliso Beach's pollution-caused by the crap flowing into Aliso Creek that ultimately flushes into the ocean-is our dirty little secret and should word get out, we'll lose revenue. As Coker's article so rightly points out, many of these tourists who visit our little sanctuary are major contributors to the problem upstream of us.

The reason I pressed on the money issue is that it's one thing to twist the arms of all these agencies and municipalities to toss us a few bucks to study the problem. Wait until they get the estimate for implementation. I've heard them mention $40 million to $50 million or more! There are no written agreements to fund Aliso Creek improvement projects. The county/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers study group can't even decide when they'll be done, let alone force all these agencies and cities to pay up.

-Roger Butow, founder, Non-Polluting Environs, Laguna Beach


Wyn Hilty is not a fuzzy-headed optimist; she is an evil-spirited asshole. She doesn't know anything about Gary North. If she did, she wouldn't have written the bullshit about him in her Machine Age column ("ITEOTWAWKI Strikes Again: Don't move to Montana yet," March 26). I hope Hilty and her family freeze their asses off in the cold and dark of January 2000.

-Tom Scott, Vancouver, Washington


Why in an album review does Rich Kane turn and trash Lit for things like following a certain formula bands use, such as booking shows at Club 369 and promoting themselves (CD Reviews, March 26)? What is wrong with following a formula that works? The dailies gave Lit's A Place in the Sun professional album reviews that were complimentary. Too bad Kane didn't do a professional review and comment on the quality of the album, other than saying the "music blows."

Is it a practice of the OC Weekly to trash a local band that finally makes it? I don't think the Weekly's review was much of a review at all. Instead, it was Kane taking juvenile shots at Lit's name and appearance. Maybe one day Kane will make it big and we can trash him. Shame on the Weekly for trashing Lit. We should be proud of another Orange County band that climbed the modern-rock charts to No. 1. Is Kane what local bands have to look forward to?

-Craig Reinhardt, Yorba Linda

Rich Kane responds: Yes, but only when their music blows. And I have nothing against Club 369, just the ugly posters that many bands-not just Lit-slop up on the traffic-light switchboxes in the area, which I believe is illegal (it is in LA).

Rich Kane and Co. must have shown up late for the March 13 gig at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (Locals Only, March 19). The entire lineup included: Iggy Pop, Skinny Puppy, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, U2, Monster Magnet and Hole.

If you're going to be cute, be really cute.

-Matt Keto, Costa Mesa

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