Ad Nauseam

And the award for best self-promotion goes to . . .

With about 500 people schmoozing in the atrium before dinner-and then a good 150 of those table-hopping during dinner because, damn it, an hour and a half is simply not enough "face time"-we were shocked not to see any flat-out drunken necking. But there was enough blatant scoping going on that we figured there would be enough action for Catherine the Great later in the evening.

As a table of insouciant joker types hung spoons off their noses and some hilarious guy played with a laser pointer, Cosby's Doug E. Doug chastised the assembled. "You guys are in the business of selling a bill of goods," he told them, vis-ŗ-vis spending $80 to $100 to maybe get "honored" at an awards show. "You fell for your own bullshit!" People laughed, assuming that since he's a comedian, he was joking.

Awards were announced via monitor and commercials played-some good, some hellish, such as ones for golf products with a high-pitched Scottish voice-over. dGWB, Rieches Bairdand Lawrence & Mayowon the lion's share. And then the categories for "Best Self-Promotion" were announced. Flabbergasted, we considered the irony of it all. Damn, they give out awards for that! Consider the possibilities!

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