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How I helped resuscitate Elia Kazan

Chairman Park said their next project is a show of support for Augusto Pinochet. They giggled (again!) and called him a "political prisoner."

The only time we were actually tempted to punch anyone in the throat was when Chairman Park eyed our little brother Cake, whom we had brought along for protection, and asked in the most sinister manner possible if Cake were possible YAF material. We imagined them getting their hooks into him with their special form of mind-melding until he giggled a lot and had no conscience and delighted in making fun of old people. (Not that there's not a lot to make fun of-I mean, they smell weird and are all wrinkly and old and stuff!) We would rather he looked up to someone more mainstream, like L. Ron Hubbard.

We made a Commie Girl sign, and the YAFers promised they would hold it at Sunday's demonstration. They pointed out that the wooden stakes on which the signs would be mounted can by law only be 1/4-inch thick; cops don't want them used as weapons or driven through any of the YAFers' hearts-if they had them.

We received a call the day after the protests. It is perhaps the best call we've ever received. One of the YAF protesters got hit over the head with one of the Stalinists' signs. On it was a big fat hammer and sickle.

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