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I could not believe the Weekly had the poor taste and judgment to print Darnel Squad founder Julie Mandrake's poem. Did you actually read what it called for? The execution of cosmetic executives! "Fifty yards under darkness, the butt of my rifle I caress. . . . One day, you might become a big bloody mess."

In an era in which political violence has become commonplace-abortion providers are killed by snipers and a video-store owner is beaten by a mob-you should exercise some restraint in printing calls for violence, as it might come to pass. I have had to run the gauntlet twice in front of my beauty salon, with members of the Darnel Squad shoving their literature at me. Deranged and apparently deeply disturbed, these women are ticking time bombs. While respecting their rights of free speech, I do not think it is in the community's or in the Weekly's interest to print calls for violence from this organization.

-Name withheld by request

The OC Weeklyhas done a commendable job in promoting poetry events in Orange County, and I am proud that my poem was selected as the first-place winner of your contest ("The First [and Probably Last] OC Weekly Poetry Contest!" March 5). [Contest organizer/editor] Victor D. Infante did an excellent job in following the line breaks of the poem (which at times can be difficult). I hope that this is not really the only poetry contest the Weekly tries. There are some really good poets in OC, and the local public's interest in writing and watching good performance poetry is growing. Please continue in this effort.

It is an honor to win this poetry contest. Maybe next year you could throw in Gwen Stefani's phone number as a prize incentive.

-Larry Schulz, Huntington Beach

Thanks for inking those fine Orange County poets: Larry Schulz, G. Murray Thomas and Daniel McGinn, all warning us to watch our backs.

OC is a coed's bikini dripping in a beachfront duplex (bought by daddy), while a block away, homeless idle at a bus shelter. Bankruptcy and boom. Bounty by charity be damned. That's the irony and political insularity of our county-beautiful and bedeviled.

All we have is a Weekly OC beacon to point out disparities and honor honest poets fit to print. Long live poetry while OC dissembles, shafts, in a stream of sunlight.

-Lee Mallory, Newport Beach


In response to Anthony Pignataro's "Musick to His Fears: Carona pushed to consider jail expansion" (The County, Feb. 26), it should be pointed out that it's the South County citizens who backed Sheriff Mike Carona in his election campaign who are going back on their word. During his campaign, Carona said he did not support the expansion of the Musick facility, but backers of the Safe and Healthy Communities Act are tying the hands of the sheriff, current and future, from expanding or building additional jails to meet the needs of Orange County.

I would ask Irvine City Councilman Larry Agran, Who is railroading whom? The environmental impact report is nearly completed on the Musick expansion. The Healthy Communities Act forces this expansion if Carona is going to meet his responsibility to the county. Why? Because this measure will inhibit his ability to do so in the future.

Like most other communities in Orange County, South County residents do not want to do their part and have a jail in their community. Anaheim didn't want one near Angel Stadium or in Gypsum Canyon. Santa Ana did not want the Orange County Central Jails expanded but went ahead and built one of its own. And now South County residents do not want to expand Musick or put a jail at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station-both in rural areas. Could it be that private enterprise sees this land as a potential windfall?

Residents in the area knew the [Musick] jail was there when they bought their homes. Why is it that people choose to live near an airport and then complain when the aircraft fly over or when expansion of a nearby jail facility is necessary to meet the needs of a growing community? By the way, who put jails in the same category as airports and toxic dumps? Maybe animal shelters, hotels and schools should be next.

Instead of being concerned about how voters will regard a politician who "breaks faith" with voters, perhaps one should ask the voters why they elect an official and then "break faith" and try and keep him from doing the job they hired him to do. Perhaps former Sheriff Brad Gates was not all wrong and Carona is not the puppet "South County" citizens thought he would be.

-Michael Phoenix, Santa Ana

Any idiot says: You say everything we need to hear in your first paragraph when you acknowledge that "Carona said he did not support the expansion of the Musick facility." Now he says he does. The rest of your letter is smoke.

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