Pilot Error?

Race-baiting in Newport

Lobdell and Garrison said they did not ignore Grupe, but rather spent hours over several days meeting with him. Did Grupe convince them they had made an error? No-and that's why they never corrected their stories.

Garrison admits that having just come from a job covering the far more liberal Santa Monica school board, she might have been "in culture shock." And both she and Lobdell suggested that, if we knew Grupe like they know Grupe, we'd lump him together with Crawford, too.

"I feel okay with [the stories]," said Garrison. "Everything [Grupe] said about the situation would lead one to infer" that the "protest" against Newman was a joint effort.

After the board meeting, Garrison explained, she spoke with Grupe and determined then that he shared Crawford's views. And, ultimately, Garrison may be right: Grupe may yet reveal himself to share Crawford's views. Problems? Nothing that would lead Garrison to that conclusion appears in her articles; Grupe denies he said anything of the sort; and the video tape of the meeting bears him out.

Grupe says he has drawn one lesson from the affair-for both historians and journalists: "Get it right. . . . Accuracy is important."

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