DARE to say no-to the Police State. And thanks for the plea.

-Mark Hilgenberg, Vice Chairman, Libertarian Party of Orange County

Matt Coker responds: The Buena Park City Council adopted the ordinance on Feb. 16.


For my money, Mayor Christina Shea is very sexy (Matt Coker's A Clockwork Orange, Feb. 19). But she probably has a different definition of sexy and therefore would not be receptive. She's a classy lady who would not have voted for "El Toro" as our city name-as I did, and we lost.

Yes, Irvine is cookie-cutter and bland. And in many ways, it is too structured. But sex has many sides: visual, sensual, visceral, emotional, intellectual and-most pronounceable-physical. However, if we men would be more sensitive, we might find that sex is a six-sided pleasure palace. You see, sex is also spiritual. Maybe Coker's epistemology is limited. Too bad-he loses out.

-Thomas M. Whaling, Lake Forest

Matt Coker responds: Whip out your epistemology, I'll whip out mine, and we'll let everyone else judge whose is limited.

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