A New Breed of E-Horror

Who's behind the Net Profit e-mails?

Finally, SOSGLB, the company listed with Internic as AB Mailing's domain server, is well-known among anti-spammers as a "spam factory."

Which sounds like the more plausible culprit?

A couple of days after our initial conversation, Jolly told me Net Profit had identified the person they believed to be behind the spam and was planning legal action. "They denied everything," she said. "But as of Wednesday morning, I've received no calls regarding the spam. The 75 calls per day we were getting dropped to zero."

It's small consolation for the folks at Net Profit that we seem to be dealing with the common revenge-spam vermin, rather than a new and troublesome life form. But Net Profit staff are no doubt taking a deep breath every time the phone rings. And of course, there's always the fear that some clever spammer will find out about this fabulous new method of clogging up our bandwidth.

May God have mercy on us all.

Have mercy on Wyn at

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