Never Die

The Weekly's incomplete guide to an almost eternal life

The music is pounding off the walls, as are the voices of Rosita and Nina, who never stop talking or encouraging us. Fifty minutes into the hourlong class, I think I'm getting the hang of all this. I feel comfortable.

That is, until Rosita puts us through a series of steps that includes twirls, bends and reverse circles. Verily, I tell you, though it may be true that the day is coming when every knee will bend, some will look a lot better doing it than others. Flailing about, I'm soon joined by Rosita, who dances her way over to me and begins to instruct me. It doesn't help.

Then it's over, and we get to pray again, which is really cool.

And then it's over.

As Nina talks to us about nutrition, I put my hand to my chest to find pools of sweat.

Shirley Hill, a longtime pupil of Rosita and Nina, tells me that there's usually another 30 minutes of "floor work" that "really gets you" as exercises pound away at abs, hips and thighs, but there's not enough time for that today. Thank you, Jesus!

Shirley says she's been going to the classes for the eight years they have been offered, going through the initial steps when they were offered in a garage. "It's like a family," she says. "You feel safe here. You don't have to worry that there are people here looking at you. You don't feel like there's someone looking at you saying, 'Ah, you're too fat!' Rosita and Nina, they really care about you."

Just before I leave, I get hugs from Rosita and Nina, and walking to my car, I know exactly how Shirley feels. And my foot and knee still feel great.

I'm just saying.

-Steve Lowery

For more information on the Vessels of Honor for God, call Rosita Latham at (310) 638-7446.

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