New Best Friends

Spending quality time with Henry Rollins, Derrick Brown and Jinx

The week's other highlights included a little Goth boy curled up Little Matchgirl-style in the doorway of the all-ages Chain Reaction in Anaheim, gloomily plucking the petals off a flower, "She loves me not/She loves me not"; a woman who was surrounded by the teenage crowd, telling her boyfriend, "I feel so old in here!" only to receive the snappish rejoinder, "I come here to watch the bands, not the people!"; a fun set by Peace Corp. at the OC Weekly's Localer Than Ever release party at DP's that included a silly thrash-and-ska version of The Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl"; and a sauced old lech at Club Mesa telling me, when confronted, that it wasn't my breasts he was staring at but rather the reflection in the glass of my "behind," emphasis on "be-" instead of "-hind."

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