Snoop Doggy Dad

Vernall Varnado rides shotgun on his son's celebrity

Snoop acknowledges that his childhood resentments about his father have been put aside. "It ain't difficult now," Snoop says. "Because I know now. I'm a grown man. Me having kids, being in a relationship, I know what he went through. It's understandable."

And both men seem to feel that this is just another stage in a relationship that isn't about to end.

"We're both grown men, and grown men aren't always going to get along," says Snoop. "But we're not letting it destroy us, either. For now, we're both just tending to our business. Whatever is tearin' us apart personally, the business is helpin' us get things together-at least on a financial level. It keeps us kinda far away from each other, but then again, that way, we sorta make sure we see each other when we get the chance. And I always make sure he sees his grandsons. So we can work on all that other stuff later."

Varnado has become almost mellow as he considers this issue and the others that lie ahead for father and son. He breaks into a little chuckle. "I really can't tell Snoop nothin'," he says. "Anymore, I never even try to put no pressure on him. 'Cause look at what he's taught me. Look where I'm sittin' on account of him. I'm just glad that we somehow kept this thing together. 'Cause I can see that me and Snoop, we're a lot alike."

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