Look What the Cats Dragged In

Animal rights, A Civil Action and other teenage drivel

On Friday, I went to a benefit for the likeable Greg Coates' upright bass at the Juke Joint, but music editor Rich Kane is writing about it for Locals Only, so I'll cede the show to him. I am still trying to decide whether to have a public feud with Rich over the fact that he told me (although pretty nicely, I guess) that he "wouldn't be interested" when I suggested that I interview Chris Isaak for the music pages. (The world's sexiest crybaby is coming to the Coach House on Jan. 22.) At any rate, I'll limit myself to the following comments: Could bad boys Shave be any more Sublime-y? Could The Dibs be any funkier without morphing into 00 Soul? And how much trouble do you think the groovy Mention (and our favorite shirtless drummer, Scott Devours, who's touring with them) will get into opening for the punchy Everclear in Colorado this week? Smash a TV set for the Gipper, guys!

I spent Saturday night mopping up the vomit and the fevered brow of a certain darling 4-year-old boy while he watched 17 consecutive hours of Cartoon Network. Have you seen The Power Puff Girls, saving the world before bedtime? Or Dexter's Laboratory, where the Henry Kissinger-accented Dexter slams on the "archaic capitalist system"? They're awesome. Nonetheless, we were out for the count, so we sent our homegirl Arrissia on a fact-finding mission to The Pushers show at the 13th Floor in Sunset Beach.

"How were the Pushers?" I asked the next morning.

"They were fine," she said, swimming through her Jack Daniels hangover, "but not as good as Dodge Dart. They reminded me of The Neil Armstrong Band, but quicker. But slower."


She went on to complain that the singer-who according to Rich's profile last week used to be quite the TV-smashing kind of rock star-didn't even make himself bleed. "They just played good music," she said. "Who needs that?"

And who needs panel discussions? You do! You sit in the back row like the cool kids did on the schoolbus, and you listen dumbfoundedly while people either say stupefyingly idiotic things or things you really agree with, which makes you actually want to cheer. So come and heckle one in person on Jan. 20, as Orange County's chapter of Women in Business presents Times OC editor Lennie LaGuire, OCN's Brooke Robbins, about 14 other "prominent OC women journalists" and me! (Rebecca Schoenkopf!) as we chat amiably about what it's like to be a prominent OC woman journalist. Presumably, topics will not include how disgraceful the OC Weekly is or how much "teenage drivel" I spew-unless it comes up during the Q&A session. Call (714) 731-1077 for info.

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