Delivering the Goods

Dodge Dart takes a Fastball, reunites influential band

Until recently, you couldn't hear the Goods' demo unless you knew Sjobeck so well that he'd make you a tape. Now Sjobeck says Warner Bros. (possibly looking to capitalize on Fastball's success) wants to release old Goods material. Scalzo will be in OC next week, and he and his old band mates will be looking to work out some sort of deal.

"He's gonna be busy with Fastball for a year or two at least, so we're not planning on anything more than just releasing some Goods songs for now," says Sjobeck. "Some of them are really cool, and we just don't want them sitting around anymore."

And hey, what the hell? As long as Scalzo's in town, there may as well be a Goods reunion show, eh? That's set to happen at Club Mesa on Thursday, Jan. 14. They'll blow through all the old Goods tunes, plus a couple of Dodge Dart songs. No Fastball stuff, though, says Sjobeck. "Not 'The Way' or anything like that. Tony's so sick of that song."

When Scalzo heads back to Austin for his Fastball commitments, Sjobeck will get back to Dodge Dart biz. They're vowing to tour this year, a good old get-in-the-van, pee-out-the-window trek out of Cali. They might work on putting out their own CD. They might even do some opening dates for Fastball, coercing impressionable young minds wherever they can, minus the flesh-ripping theatrics of old.

"The whole band's really cool these days, and no one parties," Sjobeck insists. "It's just a bunch of guys who want to work, write songs and play."

The Goods, featuring Tony Scalzo, performs with the Neil Armstrong Band and the John Klein Conspiracy at Club Mesa, 843 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-6634. Thurs., Jan. 14, 9 p.m. $5. 21+; and Dodge Dart performs with the Pushers, Mind Driver and the Decline at the 13th Floor, 17208 Pacific Coast Hwy., Huntington Beach, (562) 592-5833. Sat. Call for time and cover. 21+.

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