(For the record, we would have loved Hey Bro 4 even without the Tub and Killingtons songs.)

Punk and ska are already well-entrenched in OC, and a lame, watered-down, Rage Against the Machine-style of punk rap is threatening to become the new thing for 1999. That's okay, we'll let it-we'll just go off and seclude ourselves with our copy of Hey Bro 4, which in 1998 told us that whatever happens, never forget about good ol', basic, hornless, tattooless, fun, anger-free, three-sometimes-four-or-five-chord rock & roll, which, at least in OC, is still very much alive.

On the posters advertising Hey Bro 4, Halperin wrote something about how his comp will become a classic by the year 2000, a prediction that many of the bands on the CD will move on to far greater things. We hope he's right, and he's got another year to plug it. Meet us here 'round this time next year, and we'll see what's happened.

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