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Mr. Millard, white courtesy phone

In the course of doing research for the paper, the SPLC's Trish O'Kane began looking into Millard. And what she didn't find is interesting. "I don't know who he is," she said. "I couldn't find him. A friend of mine at the LA Times did some checking-he couldn't find him. I spoke to Ken Grubbs [former editorial-page director at The Orange County Register], who told me he'd never met him but that the newsroom had traced him to a box at a MailBoxes Etc."

The phone number Millard put on his recent letters to the Weekly belongs to a company called American Spectrum Real Estate, but the extension he listed is invalid, and apparently, no one ever answers the phone there (I called repeatedly over the course of several days). There is no H. Millard listed with the state, and O'Kane said there is no Millard listed on the company's incorporation papers.

Not even the folks at the CCC, who make his work available to the world, know who he is. Web site coordinator William Rolen said Millard initially contacted them, that their only contact has been by e-mail, and that he has never spoken to his own columnist.

So if you're out there, H., don't be a stranger. Get in touch with us, and let us know what's happening in your life. Because I'll be honest with you: it looks kind of bad when a man who spends his time bashing the majority of the world's population hides behind a fake phone number and a P.O. box while spreading his vitriol worldwide over the Internet.

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