Millennium Plan Madness

And when it comes to the search engines diverting people from the official site, we're talking about a grand total of three anti-airport sites. Kranser himself admitted the county's airport site-put up as a direct response to the success of his El Toro Info Site-hasn't hurt him; he claimed his site is getting 10 times as many hits as all the other airport sites put together. And even organized efforts to control the flow of information online by manipulating search engines have failed. Small-scale sneakiness-such as porn sites seeding their pages with common keywords so they'll pop up in unrelated searches-has been around for years, with only minor irritating effects. And the one large-scale effort I know of-the Scientologists' attempt to flood the Internet with nearly identical, pro-Scientology Web pages so that critics of the church would drown in the deluge-isn't working all that well. I said as much to Kranser, and he grudgingly agreed. "Okay, so I'm protective of Meg," he said. "I think you're right-it's not that big a deal. It's not going to be a big deal."

It's really not. Hundreds of jets every day blasting the eardrums of OC residents and spraying a fine mist of jet exhaust into our already grubby skies-now that's a big deal.

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