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Your account of Jeanne Costales, chairwoman of the Orange County Democratic Party, as one of Orange County's scariest people was filled with untruths and meanness (Feature, Oct. 30). Don't you factcheck your commentaries before you present them to the public?

I have been involved with the Central Committee this past year, and the following are my corrections to the comments contained in your account:

1. Costales is the chairwoman of the party's Central Committee because she won a contested election, not by default because no one else wanted the post. Costales' opponents for the position campaigned hard and lobbied all the members of the Central Committee for their votes; however, the committee members voted for Costales because, I believe, she had shown from her past efforts her experience with fund-raisers and knowledge of the political process.

2. The Democratic Party has contributed to the campaigns of and supported more than ever their candidates in Orange County. The party had raised more than $28,000 through the successes of its convention in April and the Truman dinner in September. Some candidates have received more money than others; however, every Democratic Party candidate has received some money from the county's party. The decisions regarding the distribution of funds were not made by Costales but by the party's Executive Committee.

3. Costales has been the moving force behind the party's county convention and the Truman dinner. The Orange County Democratic Party is the only county central committee to have an election-year convention.

4. Contrary to your account, the Democrats in the county were highly energized this election. Not only did the party work hard to return Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez to office, but we were also campaigning with some of the best candidates we have had this decade, including newly elected state Senator Joe Dunn and Assemblyman Lou Correa. As to your comments regarding the age of these and other candidates, I believe all were born years after Franklin Roosevelt was president, not before Teddy Roosevelt.

The only people who should be scared of Costales are the Republicans. I hope you print this. How can I enjoy and believe your commentary about all of those truly scary Republicans and wheeler-dealers in our county if I know that all your comments regarding Costales are false?

-Christopher Carnes
Vice Chairman
Orange County Democratic Party

Your ratings system is rigged! Why else would you rate Vangie Oberschlake way down in 19th place under Jan Crouch's breasts? The OC Greens and Vangie belong in first place. If you didn't get it this year, you will in 1999. That is, if you're not saving the first slot for one of your pet right-wing squeezes!

Clean up your ratings system, OC Weekly! Get in the trenches with the people. Pay attention. We Greens are the Orange County status quo's worst nightmare!

-Mel Kernahan
Laguna Hills

I want to express my strong disagreement with the low ranking I received from your publication. If you had any idea how destructive I have been to your quaint, antiquated, socialist agenda, I'm sure that you would have ranked me much higher than 28th. It causes one to wonder if there were some problems in the way that the ballots for these rankings were counted. Oh, well, there is always next year.

-Michael J. Schroeder
California Republican Party

A Libertarian responds: There you go again-alleging voter fraud. But don't be too sad, Mike. Though you ranked low on our list, there's reason for hope on another front. As head of the state's Republican Party, you presided over the worst Republican showing in California history. You'll surely make No. 1 on the GOP's Scariest People list!

As the operators of Orange County's largest privately owned towing and emergency road-services companies (MetroPro Road Services Inc., which includes A&P Towing, Santa Ana Towing, Harbor Towing and John's Towing under its umbrella), we thank the OC Weekly for the Patrick Tocher item in your Scariest People feature, which calls attention to the oversight in the 1994 federal legislation that affects local towing laws. This issue is hotly debated in the towing community.

However, we take exception with the article's condemnation of the entire towing industry. Private-property impounding is a legitimate and necessary service designed to protect the rights of property owners and their tenants, allowing access to the property as well as clearing city/county-mandated fire/safety lanes. Unfortunately, the actions of one tow operator can stain the reputations of firms operating within the current municipal laws.

Our company, along with several other towing concerns, continues to support the cities of Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Anaheim, Fullerton, Westminster, Huntington Beach and Orange in their efforts to continue to enforce local laws regulating non-consensual towing. We know, as federal courts are involved, the outcome of this litigation will have repercussions throughout the county. We call upon Mr. Tocher to withdraw his lawsuits for the benefit of our industry and the communities in which we do business.

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