'Jeeeeeezuz Christ!'

Democrats in '98: the agony, the ecstasy, the scabs

There was more good news for Democrats: Tom Daly crushed Republican challenger Bob Zemel for the mayor's seat in Anaheim, despite a Matterhorn of money from the state GOP. Larry Agran, who bolted the Democratic Party in disgust, is back on the Irvine City Council. Ted Moreno proved how difficult it is to run for mayor of Santa Ana while under federal investigation for soliciting bribes, losing badly to incumbent mayor Miguel Pulido. And Orange County's No. 1 Scariest Person-Gloria "Whatsa" Matta Tuchman-fell victim to bad publicity, common sense and Delaine Eastin in the statewide race for superintendent of public instruction. But even Tuchman performed better than Curt Pringle in his run for state treasurer. Only one Republican runing for a statewide office (nearly anonymous San Mateo County Supervisor Ruben Barrales) ran worse in Orange County than Pringle, who received just 54 percent of his neighbors' votes.

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