R. Scott Moxley's suggestion that Bob "Bow Wow" Dornan has a chance to win a narrow victory in a low-turnout election should be taken seriously, given Moxley's proven expertise regarding the Dornan saga ("Sanchez vs. Dornan, the Rematch," Oct. 9). Moxley lists two intangible factors that may impact the November results, but a third one also may come into play: the strong negative reaction that Dornan arouses (unlike, for example, a Lisa Hughes), a reaction compounded by his bullying posturing since his defeat in 1996. Isn't it a reasonable possibility that many otherwise low-propensity voters will be motivated to come out even in a non-presidential year in order to put an end-finally-to Dornan's career?

Perhaps Moxley's vision of a possible Dornan win will rattle some cages and dispel any complacency that may exist-much like "the ghost of Christmas future" in A Christmas Carol-and spur anti-Dornanites to even greater vigilance and efforts.

-Donald B. Delano

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