Bob Dornan brings out the worst in me

* "We need SMET," he told the girls. SMET, it turns out, stands for science, mathematics, engineering, technology. "Not everyone can be a theater-arts major or we'll lose our base." It was an odd admission for a man who avoided combat duty in Korea by studying theater arts at Loyola University in Los Angeles until the war wound down and he could leave school without his degree to enter the Air Force.

* "You know who's been beating on me?" he asked without waiting for an answer. "Millionaires. Country-club Republicans. Because I'm not sufficiently pro-choice or pro-homosexual."

* In his remarks, Joe Dunn had mentioned Lech Walesa-founder of Solidarity and a former Polish president-as a model of democratic behavior. Not to be outdone, Dornan said he and his son Mark had been at the Gdansk Shipyards with Walesa during anti-government protests there. "I wrote to Norway. Wanted to give him the [Nobel] Peace prize. But I wanted to make it a triumvirate: Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Lech Walesa." This from the guy who has claimed (without evidence) that he could not be a racist because he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and that he could not be an anti-Semite (despite at least one remark suggesting he is) because he once stayed in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

* Just the other day, as evidence of his Christian spirit, he gave a woman whose car had broken down on the side of the road $53-all he had in cash. (Of course, he then bragged about it publicly, thereby violating Jesus' admonition to give in private.) He claimed the woman had come to California to escape an abusive husband, which, startlingly, is what Dornan's wife alleged when she sued Dornan for divorce in the 1960s and '70s. Mrs. Dornan later recanted her testimony that her husband beat her savagely for years, saying she made up the stories under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol.

I heard all this, and still Dornan was not finished. His son began handing out a campaign brochure with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the cover, and just to prove his righteousness, Dornan pointed out OC Weekly editor Will Swaim in the assembly, whom he chided as a "former Catholic." When Swaim corrected him, Dornan thundered back, "Heresy!" and sonny-boy Mark squealed and quivered with glee.

This is about the time I lost it. I stormed out of the classroom and then, of course, I did it-I called Dornan a scumbag.

Despite my initial misgivings at the loss of temper, the (professed) Heterosexual Bob Dornan is, in fact, a scumbag. I stand by those words, and if you vote for Dornan, you're are a scumbag, too. Don't be a scumbag.

I can't wait to get back to music.

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