DOUBLE VISIONI was sitting at the Fullerton Rock 'n Java reading the Aug. 14 OC Weekly, as is my wont on a beautiful Friday morning. I finished carefully perusing the Wherehouse ad on Page 37. I turned the page . . . and there it was. Old age, bad living or something had finally caught up with me. The text was blurred . . . nothing made sense. . . . I was incommunicado from the OC Weekly. Oh, jeez! How can I keep up with B-1 Bob, El Toro, the toll road . . . all the things that make living in OC interesting?Then I turned the page and with it dropped 20 years. I have lived a good life; I CAN see again. All is as it should be. But I think there must be a case for a lawsuit alleging temporary loss of centeredness or something. Wanna settle out-of-court?Very sightedly yours (again),
-Richard A. Hein

The editors respond: Special Agent Hein, what on Earth are you doing writing this letter that everyone can see? Page Y-286 in your Black Op Policy Manual clearly describes the proper use of the secret-decoder eyeglasses that Professor Hennessey gave you last month to read your copy-and only your copy-of that "blurred" page in your Weekly-and only your Weekly.

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