Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. Most of the time, I enjoy your sardonic drivel. Most of the time, you are right (no, I'm not pulling your Leftist, liberal leg). But I must take exception with your article.Please tell me you were just being sarcastic when you grouped "ABC" and "Love Train" together with "Maggie May," "Hot Rod Lincoln" and "School's Out." Or tell me you're under 30. Either excuse will suffice to cover your piss-poor clusterings. "Green-Eyed Lady" is "cheesy as hell"? "Lady" is "eminently annoying"? "Do You Feel Like We Do" is "toxic waste"?Well, I guess musical tastes are like assholes: everybody's got one. Try yours with a side of dry, crumbly shit; it will probably make it a touch more palatable.-Fast Eddie

Buddy Seigal responds: Although I'm well-aware it's eminently fashionable to bash Rod Stewart, his early '70s, pre-disco output was among the most inspired rock & roll of that-or any other-era. This includes "Maggie May." And if you didn't love "School's Out," you were never a teenager-which is no surprise, as you apparently are a Republican. Regarding your scatological invitation, I'd like to respond in kind, but my editor gets pissed off when I discuss my fondness for forcing Republicans to toss my salad. And for John, I'd like to note that the songs I catalogued were but selections from Rhino's box set; some of the songs and artists you mention were indeed included. Pick up the set if you would like your suffering to be more comprehensive.CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE?I teach Spanish at UC Irvine, and this summer, I demonstrated various articles from your publication to my students to show them that there is a growing recognition among the media of their growing Latino audiences as an integral part of society that deserves to be addressed in English on a large scale instead of being ignored, as is almost always the case. Now I have Patt Monte's letter to bring into class to reinforce the fact to my students that racism is alive and well, and that hopefully their Spanish will serve as a key to a culture that they can better try to understand instead of giving in to their fears against this inevitably growing population (Letters, Aug. 14).So please thank Patt for providing herself as an example of the kind of asshole that I am teaching my students not to be. Also, in regards to the "illegal Mexican pig" who should be "thrown over the border with her 10 mongoloid bastards": I don't know if Patt has ever been to Mexico, but I just got back from there, and it is a place where 5-year-olds will come up to your table and sing their little hearts out and play broken guitars just to get 2 pesos so they can eat . . . where many have no opportunity whatsoever no matter how hard they work. I wonder if Patt has any children, and if she did and lived in Mexico, I wonder if she wouldn't consider bringing them to a place like the U.S., where there's a better chance that her children wouldn't suffer hunger pangs every night, even if it meant having to deal with racist idiots calling them "pigs" and "illegal aliens." People don't lose their humanity when they cross a border; they are not "aliens"; and Patt, just because your mongoloid children will have the opportunity to grow up in Laguna Hills does not mean that you should begrudge others who are trying to provide for their kids-legally or "illegally."I think that the one who deserves "the kick in the cunt" is not the poor woman with the 10 kids and the $12,000 but the one sitting on her fat ass in the hills, writing hateful messages to hurt people she doesn't even know or understand. I suggest that the OC Weekly raise some money and send Patt to a Spanish class for a little enlightenment, or maybe just so she can stop killing time doing more harm than good.-Mary Ann Carsillo
IrvineSHIP COMES INRegarding Jon Hall's account of "Bobby," the homeless man who recently died (First Person, July 24), we offer our sympathy and express sorrow for him and other individuals who find themselves in similar circumstances, lacking access to basic necessities such as those mentioned: food, housing, showers, transportation, jobs and health services.While this saddens us, we are happy to inform your readers that many of these essentials are available to Orange County's homeless population through ministries currently being offered by local churches. Mr. Hall may not be aware of the ecumenical group of churches, for instance, that host the Shelter for the Homeless Interfaith Program (SHIP) in Orange County, which provides free access to all of these basic needs to individuals participating in the program. Additionally, a mailing address; voice mail; bus passes; clothing vouchers; laundry services; counseling by a trained personal adviser; and referrals to health, dental and vision specialists are also provided. Interested peoples can contact SHIP program coordinators Jim Huffman or Sherril Svalstad at (714) 897-3221.-Marilynn Nehrbass
SHIP church coordinator
United Methodist Church of Fountain Valley
Jim Tessmar
SHIP personal adviser

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