Rich Kane responds: Hey, Bud, thanks for your great letter asking about how Team Orange County did at the Amsterdam Gay Games! It's always great to hear from such open-minded, queer-positive individuals such as yourself. Here's the lowdown for you: the swimming contingent won big, capturing a total of 16 medals, including a gold in the men's 4x50 freestyle relay. Richard Ammon, whom the Weekly chatted up for the Gay Games piece, brought back two golds, a silver and a bronze. The bowling team made off with some serious metal, too-a bronze in the men's 200-and-above class, plus two bowling doubles teams earned a silver and a bronze apiece. Weekly cover boy John Ponce (who you, Bud, seemed to be so aroused by) didn't medal, but he and his pierced teat came damn close, finishing fourth in the bodybuilding competition. And the men's volleyball team made it to the final round. Total medal count: 25. Well done, Team OC! You kicked ass! And, Bud, thanks again for asking!WHAT TIMINGI loved Anthony Pignataro's El Toro Airport Watch No. 73 (News, Aug. 7). He pointed out Dana Reed's inaccessible but seemingly necessary (to Newport Beach) courier business. Pignataro's timing was on the heels of (that other paper) The Orange County Register's declaring Newport Beach's financial shortfall.The Newport Beach City Council feels that promoting an airport at El Toro is worth more than street lighting and aging-sewer replacement. Councilmen John Hedges and John Noyes called for 2 percent to 5 percent cuts, which would necessitate laying off personnel and cutting services in "virtually every department." All the while, the Request for Proposal for $1.5 million in public relations presses ahead.I think all the newly unemployed workers and people soon to be cut off from services should be walking a picket line outside City Hall. Newport Beach politicians are still catering to the wishes of a few instead of the needs of the many.-Gail Reavis
Mission Viejo

I am a weekly follower of Anthony Pignataro's El Toro Airport Watch articles. I found his "The Big Easement" article-in which Pignataro suggests the possibility that the county will have to pay OC residents for the right to allow commercial airlines to fly over their homes-very interesting (The County, July 31). To me, anyway, this would be a "fatal" flaw in any planning process when the possible legal expenses from a project are more than triple the cost of the project itself!My inquiry is this: In the pile of papers I signed when I bought my house, which one am I looking for? Do I have a leg to stand on when it comes to the Military Installation vs. Commercial Airport issue when I signed this thing, since I signed it knowing that military aircraft would be over our heads but not commercial aircraft? -Chuck Matthews
Aliso Viejo

Anthony Pignataro responds: You moved to Aliso Viejo!? Haven't you been reading the Weekly?! I'm so sorry. . . .LEGEND STATUSAs an intern here at the OC Weekly, I thought I'd chip in a response to (a) Jim Hill, who suggested Rich Kane ought to cover non-ska/punk music such as Legendary Pink Dots in his "Locals Only" column; and (b) Kane's subsequent response that he'd never heard of them (Letters, July 31). I offer this brief rundown: unfortunately, the Pink Dots are not a local band. They're a group of Englishmen living in the Netherlands. However, they did sell out the Roxy last September, have announced tentative plans to play Los Angeles again this fall, and have a devoted cult following throughout Southern California. Singer/lyricist Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist the Silver Man are the creative forces behind the group's 20-plus official releases over the past 18 years. Their sound recalls that of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd psychedelia mixed with Joy Division, employing both modern electronics and classical instruments. Lyrics are heavy with psychedelic, mystic and romantic imagery, which explains their popularity among both Goths and hippies-imagine William Blake sharing a hookah with Lewis Carroll in Wonderland. Ka-Spel has also collaborated with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy in the band the Tear Garden, as well as with Current 93's David Tibet and Nurse With Wound over the years. Those who are interested may want to check out the Pink Dots' albums The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse, Any Day Now and The Maria Dimension as solid introductions to their sound. Their Web site is at -Ben Yater
Fountain Valley

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