Homosexual Hit Man

Bob does a Dornan on OCN

LEYTON: Maybe they were talking about [OC Congressman Dana] Rohrabacher, who was sitting right there.

DORNAN: No, no—I know. That was up here [at OCN studios]. But that was not supposed to be Rohrabacher.

LEYTON: Kind of looked like him, didn't it?

DORNAN: That paper is Satan's instrument. That is an evil paper spreading infected bodily fluids all over this county and costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars in AIDS care from young men dying in the prime of life.

LEYTON: Okay. I know we're all having a great time. I hate to change the subject but . . .

DORNAN: Loretta, call Scott Moxley.

LEYTON: Can't you tell me what the issues are in your district?

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