Kill A Gay Man And Go Free

Homosexuality and justice in Orange County

During the Dec. 14 sentencing hearing, Alexander told Judge Turner that his client is "a well-oriented, decent individual" and that Finkel's "death probably did save lives - it's not like this guy was like straight people." Lloyd said she was offended by Alexander's remark and asked for the maximum term. Turner noted that he had received letters supporting leniency, including one from a Wisconsin policeman. He said he accepted Stockwell's scenario and declined Lloyd's request, sentencing Stockwell to time already served (two and a half years in county lockup) plus 54 days in prison.

One day earlier, another Orange County jury had convicted a man of second degree murder for accidentally killing a friend while driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. That a man faces 18 years to life in prison.

Stockwell plans to vacation in San Diego upon his release in mid-February and then move to Alabama.

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